Sunday, December 28, 2008

Winter Bliss

It rarely snows here and when it did a few weeks ago, I was at work. My DH bought a disposable camera and took some photos. I had them developed to 5 x 7 prints (I thought I ordered 4 x 6 but I had marked the order envelop 5 x 7.) I am glad I did. I normally scrap with smaller photos and when I used large prints, the pages look so different and I like that. Based on Page Plans sketch #37.


vicmama said...

Wow, it is so white! Here we have a cold winter, too. And as you know we only have snow in LA once every 100 years or so! Last time I believe it snowed back in 1905. But this winter, maybe... it is really cold! Well if we have too much snow and couldn't go out anywhere, we can enjoy scrap-booking or card making! :)
A Happy New Year!

Jemma said...

love the buttons and the flowers, great photos too!!