Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project 12 July

July would be a month of events and many photos to lots of people out there, I think. But These photos on this 2 pager are it for me. Yup, these are the only photos I got from the month of July and they are all my dd's self portraits. She was in and out all the time with her friends and I just didn't have any opportunities to take photos. She went to Six Flags and came home with no pictures!! She and her friend didn't even take a camera!! Anyway, at least I was able to scrap my monthly 2 page layout for Project 12.


Davinie Fiero said...

You still captured your busy month! Thank you for taking the time to play along yet again!

sarah said...

sooooooooo fun! what a great way to put a ton of photos onto a layout! :)

you rock!

happy day to you!


meluv2scrap said...

Have you been to scrapFIT Blog lately??? You should go check it out.