Saturday, July 5, 2008

Now's the time.

When I crocheted some flowers for a layout the other day. My first idea was to make a frame. But I decided against it because if I couldn't make it to the correct measurement, I would have to redo it. I didn't want to spend that much time. Besides, when I made those flowers, they looked ok enough to be used on the page. Any way, I wanted to try to crochet a frame. So I did. Actually it was a bit short when I came back to the corner I started. I kind made it connect and said it was done. Also, I've been seeing some items on layouts on the gallery and clouds are certainly something I wanted to use. I just cut white cardstock and inked. Next time, I want to try a tree.
This photo shows her turning the lock above the knob. There was another lock above it, so she couldn't open the door.

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forgetfulone said...

That is so creative! I also love your just rockin page.