Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's storming outside and my tv lost the satellite signal. Hate that..... We had a bad storm last night and kept me awake. Some areas got serious damage. Hope this one won't be as bad. Did this page for Method Playground challenge. It is to create a monochromatic page and I chose black. I had done pink, yellow, and green recently and wanted to try different color. I thought red on the photo would stand out on black but it was harder than I thought. Black really doesn't have hues. They would probably gray bud I don't have any. I just gathered all the black items around and put them together. The dragon is a Rose Parade float.


vicmama said...

WOW! This is pretty cool! Color tone is simple but that makes the picture so standing out! Thank you for sharing such great works!

Anne P said...

Love this and how the pictures stands out so much on the choice of black.

Deborah Mahnken said...

The black really makes your photo stand out! Thanks for playing with us :)