Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bob (the pen)

Don't ask me why but she had named one of her pens "Bob" and she couldn't find it when we moved and unpacked boxes. She was so happy when she finally found him..LOL. She used to doodle a lot on her hands back then, too. Anyway I created this page for BASB's challenge. It is to scrap with cardstock only with minimal use of small embellishments. I glimmermisted the small cardstock circles to make lollipop flowers. I have done no patterned papers pages before but I find it harder to make cardstock only pages. Those girls over there are so great with it though. The examples are very pretty!

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dawn said...

Bob the it! Your page is adorable. I agree cardstock only pages are tough, but I quess that is why they are a challenge. So glad that you played along with us!